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Sparta TRT is committed to providing safe, simple, straightforward testosterone replacement therapy and male performance therapy.

Whether it is testosterone optimization, erectile dysfunction medication, and/or performance peptides, we at Sparta TRT will ensure your safety and satisfaction to get you where you want to be.

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  • What is Testosterone?
    Think of testosterone as the fuel that powers your masculinity. It’s the male sex hormone that helps keep both your physical and mental health on track, playing a part in sex drive, sexual performance, energy levels, mood, weight, and more. It’s naturally produced in your testicles, but production levels can take a dive due to age, injury, medical conditions, and other reasons. Scientifically speaking, low testosterone (or low-T) can be diagnosed once your levels clock in at less than 300 ng/dL.h.
  • How do I know if I have low testosterone levels?
    Blood testing is the most accurate way to diagnose low-T, which is why our team will get you set up with lab panels that cover the various aspects of your hormone levels and general health. Usually, our guests who arrive at our office have noticed a handful of “red flags,” or symptoms of low-T. Many of the things that people assume are just a part of getting older are actually low testosterone symptoms and totally treatable. If you’re experiencing any of the signs of low-T, or just aren’t feeling as good as you’d like to, it’s time to get your levels checked. Some of the most common low-T symptoms are: Low energy levels (2 pm drop) Erectile dysfunction (ED) Low sex drive or subpar sexual stamina Extra fat showing up, especially in your gut “Brain fog,” or issues with focus/concentration Irritability, anxiety, and/or depression Thinning hair, or less body hair Weight gain
  • What is the treatment for low testosterone?
    Thanks to advancements in age management and hormone therapy, treating low-T is simple and effective. Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) works to treat age-related low-T levels, as well as testosterone deficiencies caused by other factors. The method of delivery of the testosterone can be from cream, intramuscular injections to pellets.
  • How does testosterone replacement therapy work?
    Just like its name suggests, TRT works by replacing the testosterone that your body is “missing.” So, we’ll figure out just how much testosterone you need to restore healthy levels, then supplement it via TRT
  • Will TRT work for me?
    Just like any kind of treatment or therapy, there’s not an official guarantee that TRT will work for every single person. But most men see some big improvements in their lives because TRT fills the gap in testosterone production that’s causing all of those frustrating symptoms.
  • What are the potential benefits of testosterone therapy?
    The biggest benefit of TRT is that it rebalances your testosterone levels – which lets your body get back to working the way it should. This means that you can look forward to saying goodbye to the symptoms of testosterone deficiency, so you can start feeling like you’re back in the game for good. Focal Point Vitality guests that complete TRT has reported an impressive variety of benefits, including: A noticeable increase in energy Stronger sex drive and stamina Better sexual performance (no more issues erectile dysfunction) Easier weight loss, especially fat loss More muscle mass Better moods, focus, and concentration
  • How do I take testosterone replacement therapy?
    There are generally five ways to do TRT, each one with its pros and cons. We’ll discuss your options during your consultation and make sure you feel confident that you’re choosing the one that’s right for you. The four TRT methods are: Topical/transdermal: Gels, creams, patches, and liquids Injection: A schedule of testosterone injections, personalized for you Oral: A special tablet that is held in your mouth to slow-release the formula Pellets: Small pellets are placed under the skin on your hip/buttock, where it dissolves over 3-6 months
  • How long do I have to take testosterone replacement therapy?
    TRT is a long-term solution for low-T levels, but it’s not a cure. You’ll need to keep up with therapy as long as you want to continue to feel happy and healthy because your symptoms can come back if/when you stop.
  • How long does it take for natural testosterone to come back after TRT?
    Unfortunately, testosterone production generally doesn’t ramp back up after TRT (unless your low-T was due to a certain medical condition that you’ve been able to treat and resolve). Testosterone therapy replaces the missing T that’s causing your low levels, but it doesn’t cure low-T.
  • Can testosterone replacement therapy make me feel more energetic?
    One of the most common symptoms of low-T is chronic exhaustion. If you’re relying on an afternoon caffeine boost to get through the day, or you feel like you could take a nap anytime – no matter how well you’re sleeping at night – low testosterone levels are likely to blame.
  • Can I be too old for testosterone replacement therapy?
    There’s no age limit on TRT, and we’ve seen guests of all ages reap the benefits of our tailored testosterone treatment options.
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